Occupy Love is a collaborative film project by award winning film-makers Velcrow Ripper and Ian MacKenzie. The basic idea is that as this movement/revolution continues, we should be looking at living like citizens of the new world we aim to create. Instead of being driven by greed, we should be driven by a unified feeling of compassion. We should be sharing instead of competing for resources. And most importantly we should love others, expanding the sense of ourselves to include everyone, with the knowledge that this type of behavior is contagious. The hope is that people begin to awaken to this idea, and inspire others to do the same and eventually, we can live our lives like one human tribe of the Earth. 

“The economist says more for me means less for you but the lover knows that more for you is more for me.” Charles Eisenstein says in a promotional video for The film is expected to be in theatres in 2012. 

The thing that makes this site special (in my humble opinion), is that as it promotes the occupylove film with videos uploaded weekly, it also starts a new dialogue in the occupymovement. This new dialogue moves beyond just addressing the greedy 1% and toward beginning to manifest this movement in our daily actions. The videos are all worth watching. You can support the project here. 


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