Wait - What Exactly is Socialism?

Socialism is undoubtedly something that is regaining popularity and visibility in our society. Unfortunately, most of us (at least in the US) have no fucking idea what socialism is because our capitalist government has done a hell of a job framing socialism as something that it is not. I think all revolutionaries should invest a significant amount of time trying to understand socialism. This video does an alright job of laying out the most basic moral argument for socialism. 

Here are some helpful articles for understanding socialism: 

Things socialism is not:

1) Stalinism

2) Anthing Obama has ever done or ever will do

3) Sweden (a social democracy where the workers still don’t control the means of production) 

If you’re hungry to learn more, I implore you to read “The Meaning of Marxism”. It is an intelligent, accessible break-down of Marxist ideas. You can buy a digital copy for $9 on Amazon. Or you could support the leftist publisher Haymarket and order it from their website!


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