So far, this has been a personal favorite OWS inspired song of mine. Immortal Technique takes the perspective of the 1% in this song and does a great job of making the ruling class seem as villanious as…well as they actually are.

The first verse alone is amazing:

I spend my day repping america overseas
Pensions for the workers? nigga please
Embezzlement etiquette private settlement
I’m better with confederate rhetoric from my mansion in connecticut
Foreclose and evict homes at the tenement
I twist words like a speech inpedIment
I hope you got good credit bitch
If not better get a new job with benefits
When I play golf with niggasii get cheddar with
New money buys brand new karats
My old money bought your great grand parents
You got grills in ya mouth I ain’t mad at ya
I own every gold mine in South Africa
Thanks baby you made me a billion
Plus I own a building for each one of my children’s children
That’s the shit, snort coke in the wet mist USA sucking my dick
Yea what fuck the law ‘cus real jail is for suckas
I go to country club prison you dumb mother fuckers
(I am the 1% fucking bitch)

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  3. depresionismo said: Like all efforts, I say it is noble. The lyrics are in the same vein of endless obscenities, which put me off. One can voice anger towards inhumanity without obscenities ad neaseum. I miss the lyrical, metaphorical power of the 60s/70s songwriters.
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