"To the director and staff of the Judge Rotenberg Center, we are Anonymous.

Your mistreatment of disabled children and young adults has been brought to our attention. Your extensive use of aversive methods, including electric shock and withholding of food as a form of behavioral modification is nothing less than torture. We are aware that your so called treatments include attaching electrodes to students and administering a shock that is up to 20 times more powerful than that delivered by a police taser. We have seen the effects of it in mainstream media broadcasts, and heard the statements of opposition by family and friends. 

The founder, Doctor Matthew Israel was indicted on counts of obstructing justice by ordering the destruction of video evidence that detailed an event involving a student being shocked over 100 times. This is not the first action taken against the center for abuses. However, electric shock is still used as a part of the centers aversive program. 

In response to your torture of these individuals, we have initiated an operation against your center. We are calling upon all concerned citizens to spread the message of opposition through social networks, emails, and phone communications. Contact your local representatives and the Judge Rotenberg Center directly and voice your concern. We will no longer tolerate the abuse of the innocent.

We are demanding the immediate discontinue of all harsh aversive methods. This is a warning that you should not take lightly.

We are Anonymous.
We are legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Judge Rotenberg Center, you should expect us.”

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    Reblogging because more people need to know about this. This is a gross violation of the human rights of disabled...
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    What Anna said.
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    Ok, I don’t support everything Anonymous does. Frequently they attack the wrong targets in the wrong way and end up...
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    So, this happened. Usually I don’t have much good stuff to say about Anonymous or trolls in general, because so often it...
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    Anonymous gives me complicated feelings, but I’m reblogging anyway.
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    Reblogging because Anonymous has my support on this one. Good luck on the Op, and make sure this place gets shut down...
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    Does wishing Anonymous on someone make me a bad person? :)
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    ableism, torture
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