Let’s Review Racist Murders that Occurred Just in the Last Week, Shall We?

Trayvon Martin

Rekia Boyd

Shaima Alawadi

Bo Morrison

That’s just within the last week. And we’re only paying attention NOW because Trayvon Martin’s murder has gained political traction, forcing the media to cover it. When is it going to be enough? When are we going to get serious about identifying the roots of this problem, examining the system and replacing it with a better one?

Capitalism creates, manipulates and utilizes racism to keep the system in check. This is why I can’t let go of Occupy. This is why I work and hope for a global spring. We can create a better society. We, the working people of the world, have the capacity to control the means of production in society and end the parade of madness, genocide and suffering that is the capitalist system. I see two future histories for Occupy: one is a blip on the historical radar, a paragraph (if that) put into textbooks to teach nice, obedient, capitalist children about how organization in this country can’t really affect change like it did in the 1930s and 1960s. The other is much more interesting. The other is the beginning of the beginning to an international fight-back movement of the working class that, in a tremendous instant can mobilize and transform the entire nation.

If it is within your capability I beg you to join an organization (I recommend the International Socialist Organization) or get involved at Occupy or get involved in some form of fight back on the ground. Both mobilizing in-person and reading the histories and theories of historical movements of resistance is entirely necessary for building a powerful movement! I hope this is coming across as passionate and not condescending, because believe me when I tell you I am DESPERATE for a new world.


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