Discussion time: Referring to Bradley Manning as Breanna

As we continue to post updates from Pfc. Manning’s trial, we have been getting many messages on how to refer to Manning. So we wanted to open this discussion up to our readers.

In June 2010, conversations between Manning and former hacker Adrian Lamo were released to the public and offered insight into the whistleblower’s involvement with Wikileaks.

She also confided in Lamo that she was having gender identity issues and feared being publicized as a man.

“I wouldn’t mind going to prison for the rest of my life, or being executed so much, if it wasn’t for the possibility of having pictures of me… plastered all over the world press… as boy…” 

A few days after Manning had confided in Lamo, she was arrested in Kuwait after Lamo informed the FBI and the Army about the leaked cables.

We want to honor Manning’s identity; however, we also understand she has not come out publicly about her gender & that it isn’t necessarily our place to do so for her. This may be for many reasons, including not being ready and that it may even possibly escalate the torturous conditions of Manning’s imprisonment.

So we want to open this discussion to everyone. How do you feel we should refer to Pfc. Manning? Reply to this post or message us here.

Edit: For posts on Pfc. Manning, we’ll use B. Manning/they.

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  8. dakotapuma said: I have chosen to continue with “Bradley” until the public is given a clearer, direct indication from the real person who gets to do the deciding for himself or herself. Also, I would not presume to correct anyone else.
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    I think that, until B. Manning is in a position to clarify, until B. Manning can come out without facing potential...
  10. collaterlysisters said: hi, im trans - i feel like ‘her’ is pretty clearly appropriate, but who knows how sold she was on “Breanna” at the time she was floating it on IRC. I tend to stick with Manning or B. Manning, “they” isn’t terrible but she’s expressed a clear pref.
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    I totally forgot about this (not that it’s gotten much media attention). Regardless of gender, Pfc. Manning is an...
  12. brujacore said: Gender-neutral pronouns wouldn’t hurt. They, their, themself.
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