Cognitive Dissonance is so legit.

When I first joined Tumblr to just reblog pictures of bad ass women and apolitical funny stuff, hers was one of the first political blogs I had exposure to and started following (via my brother’s political blog).

Tonight I just noticed on our dash that she answered this question about her ‘other show’. So I clicked on her page because I didn’t know/remember/wasn’t aware that she had a show…but she does have a radio show out of Laramie, WY (which is forever branded in my mind as the place Matthew Shepard was brutally tortured and murdered).

And everyone who already follows her almost-certainly already knows that, but when I see other media projects that are doing awesome, creative, powerful things it just makes my spirit soar. 

Also she was nominated for some ThinkProgress award thing, which is pretty damn cool also. So basically this is one of those ‘you should follow this person if you don’t already’ shout outs. 

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    You speak the truth unlike mainstream media
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    TK-S wholeheartedly endorses these sentiments.
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