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Sorry…but without elaboration, I don’t really know at all what you’re saying about the ‘law of commons’. I think in order to identify a solution, we have to pin-point the source of the problem. As I see it, the problem is a ‘private’ sector. Meaning, collaboratively run enterprises/spheres-of-society (not talking about your private home, but the actual wealth-producing entities in society) in which democracy is not only not-required, it is rarely thought about as a possibility. 

So I think we need a system that doesn’t have a segment of society immune to democracy, a system that doesn’t prioritize profit accumulation over human interest. I could imagine a number of acceptable scenarios to get rid of the private sector. 

Where I’m at right now, what I imagine that could deliver the best possible results with the least blood-shed & social turmoil would be a shift toward democratic workplaces, an eventual union of those democratic workplaces, and eventually using that union (or those many democratic-workplace unions) to abolish structures in society that are not democratic. 

This, I think, would be beneficial to the social consciousness, personal fulfillment, and intellectual/mental-stimulation of all people in society (all of whom would be part of the decision-making-process about what to produce, how to produce, etc at their jobs), and it would be a buffer against a lot of the problematic aspects of globalized capitalism, now in its grotesque monopoly-accumulation stage.

But this isn’t the only potential solution and it may not be the one that ends up being most-appealing to most people. Maybe something like an actually international Trotskyist revival. I think syndicalism seems a little more realistic/do-able, but Trotskyists would certainly disagree. I’m open to whatever could bring us to the abolition of profit-driven-interests trumping human-interests (like the health and welfare of the planet we live on).

Either way, the point is to put the decision making power in the hands of people, not profit-driven-non-human entities and not in the hands of a few, very-powerful people who own most of the wealth in society and who, for whatever reason, are driven to hoard resources and destroy anything, including the planet, that stands in the way of more profit$.

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    Capitalism vs Socialism vs Anyotherism is just a squabble about how to divide the money. The real problem IS the money....
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    The People’s Record and the tumblr left have taught me so much, to be totally honest. I was barely aware of anything...