April 3, 2013 

From Adbusters (who published the initial call to Occupy Wall Street along similar lines to this, which ended up igniting a sprawling protest movement that spawned scaled-up political consciousness & protest culture. Let’s hope this can catch on!):

Hey all you wild spirits out there,

Here is how the Global Spring begins:

A few lone wolves among us start pasting posters in and around Goldman Sachs HQ at 200 West Street, Manhattan, New York. Groups of two or three turn up and hand out leaflets at their branch office at Maria de Molina 6-5a, Madrid, Spain. People start gathering and having fun outside Goldman’s offices in 50 cities…

Then … on Thursday May 23, when Goldman Sachs holds its annual shareholders meeting at 222 South Main Street, Salt Lake City, Utah, 500 people turn up and solidarity games are held across the world. It gets serious when thousands start playing on September 17 in front of Goldman’s branches in Los Angeles, Toronto, Moscow, London, Buenos Aires, Melbourne, Beijing, Mexico City. The media picks up on this fledgling global revolt…

And, one fine day, the whole thing suddenly catches fire … #GOLDMAN becomes a rallying cry for people everywhere to rise up against the financial fraudsters who have been fucking around with our lives for far too long.

When the moment is ripe, all it takes is a spark.

for the wild, Kono Matsu / kono@adbusters.org Culture Jammers HQ

P.S. Find teammates and Goldman Sachs locations at meetup.com/goldman

Catch up on the gameplay thus far, here.

Printable flyers available in many languages on the adbusters site. It seems to be down right now, hopefully due to excessive traffic and not due to problematic government agencies. In the mean time, don’t let that stop the spreading of this idea, reblog now!

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