The Terrorists Have Won

The thing about the current state of the NSA Domestic Spying programs is that nobody seems to care.

This problem of apathy is probably because privacy loss on this scale is not really a tangible thing to most people. It’s hard to imagine how big a city is, let alone a country, and how many people are seeing your every tweet, status update, phone call, etc.

You threaten to “take away” people’s guns, they balk.

You threaten to “take away” people’s health care, they scream bloody murder.

But you tell them that the government is spying on them? Well, no biggie! They do that to everyone, and it’s to stop Terr’ists™.

What seems to happen is that people think of it as an either/or question:

1. The government has to watch everyone


2. The Terr’ists™ among us will kill us all.

It rarely seems to occur to us that this reactionary spying is caving into what the terrorists want. When you live in constant fear of being killed going about your everyday life, then, to turn a phrase, the terrorists have won.

When you have the NSA doing elaborate legalistic acrobatics to say that seizing phone records, passwords, bank information, is not “unreasonable search and seizure” because it’s not on paper, that’s some bull.

So where does it stop?

Submitted by: kellanium

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