Hunger strikes spread in 2013 global resistance campaigns – here’s the latest
June 30, 2013

In Occupied Palestine
We recently posted coverage of 170 Eritrean migrants hunger striking in occupied Palestine. Now an additional 230 asylum seekers being held in the Saharonim prison in the south have returned their breakfasts and announced that they are beginning a hunger strike.

More than 1,700 African migrants are jailed in Israel. Most are waiting for their refugee requests to be processed or to file such requests. The migrants can be detained for up to three years without a trial.

At Guantamo Bay
Increasingly brutal tactics are being used in an attempt to break the hunger strike by detainees at Guantánamo Bay, according to fresh testimony from the last British resident still held in the camp. Techniques include making cells “freezing cold” to accentuate the discomfort of those on hunger strike and the introduction of “metal-tipped” feeding tubes, which were forced into inmates’ stomachs twice a day and caused detainees to vomit over themselves.

Although the military initially denied that there was a hunger strike inside Guantanámo, it now concedes that, of the 166 detainees, 104 are on hunger strike and 44 are being force-fed.

In Munich, Germany
Police in Munich moved in early Sunday morning to clear a camp of asylum seekers who have been on hunger strike for a week. Talks broke down late on Saturday night after it emerged the protesters would not be granted residence permits. 

The group, camped out on the city’s central Rindermarkt square, had originally been demanding the right to asylum in Germany but signaled they would be prepared to accept residence permits issued on humanitarian grounds instead. 

When this was not offered to them during negotiations, the group said they would continue the protest. Many said they were prepared to die. 

Doctors had previously warned that many of the protesters were in a critical condition. Forty-four of the protesters were admitted to 12 hospitals, according to city spokesman Stefan Hauf.

In Pontville, Tasmania
The Immigration Department has confirmed a detainee is on a hunger strike at Tasmania’s Pontville Detention Centre, after ABC was contacted by a teenager claiming to be an inmate at the centre.

The 16-year-old from Afghanistan contacted ABC News last night, saying he had been refusing food for four days. He arrived at Christmas Island on a boat seven months ago and has since spent five months in detention at Pontville.

The teenager believes other asylum seekers from the boat have been released and he does not know why he is still in detention.

His condition was very bad and he wanted to draw attention to his case.

In Philadelphia, United States
The fight over public education in Philadelphia escalated last Monday, when two local parents and two school district employees initiated a hunger strike to protest the closure of 23 schools and firing of 3,783 education professionals. The hunger strike is ongoing.

In Nawalparasi, Nepal
Inmates of Parasi prison in Nawalparasi, who began agitating on Friday when they released their seven-point demands, have started a hunger strike today, on Sunday, to apply pressure to the authorities to respond to their demands.

Of the 102 inmates, 78 are on strike. Their demands include: freedom to visit the market, facility of food prepared in the pressure cooker, return of their money stolen by the jail security guard and officials, opportunity to meet their kin on the prison premises freely, and decent food portions. 

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