Watching the OWS livefeed. This woman was put into handcuffs and has had multiple seizures and was left untreated for more than ten minutes with POLICE EVERYWHERE. Disgusting.

Live feed here.

They are now saying her ribs are cracked and she can’t breath so she’s hyperventilating. Wow.

EDIT: They are uploading video with this girl getting beaten up immediately before her seizure. Watch the livefeed.


Occupy May Day General Strike Facebook

Follow link. Invite your friends (in 100 person increments thanks to Facebook’s new limitations on organizing). Personally, I suggest going down the alphabet so you can remember where you left off. They only allow you to invite 100 friends every few hours. Share on your facebook wall. Reblog. Total time invested…100 seconds? Do it.

What. The. Fuck.

We do not accept that ours will ever be a nation of ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’: we must always be a nation of ‘haves’ and ‘soon-to-haves.’

Republican governor MITCH “I really said that” DANIELS, in delivering the GOP response to the State of the Union Tuesday night.

Continuing the Republican theme of “I deny that this nation has poor people, impoverished people, and what other civilized societies might otherwise term ‘the underclass.’”

(via inothernews)

The blatant re-framing of the poor as “soon-to-haves” is disgusting.

“Socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat, but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires.”

-John Steinbeck

…and the poor see themselves as temporarily embarrassed millionaires because there is an aggressive campaign to make the poor see themselves that way. This campaign is evidenced by the above Mitch Daniels quote. Yuck.

John Lennon’s  Vs Nina Simone’s Revolution

I came across a tumblr post today that was associating the Beatles’ song “Revolution” with the occupy movement in a positive way. This struck me as strange because the lyrics seem to be critical/dismissive of revolution (which is about so much more than just air pollution) and I personally favor Nina Simone’s version of the song (see the above video) because it embraces revolution and is the type of music I would be more prone to listen to anyway. I’d like to note that (as with any Nina Simone song) each time Simone played “Revolution” it was relatively unique, so if you’re into the song check out some other versions. This one for example. Her versions of the song are seen as a sort of response to the Beatles’ version.

But after a bit of googling I found this article from about John Lennon which reveals him to feel quite conflicted about revolution:

John’s song “Revolution” on the Beatles’ White Album is a reflection of such discussions. It famously says that “you can count me out,” but this is a comment on tactics—specifically, the role of violence in the struggle.

"Revolution" encapsulates a debate John was having with himself and others about how social change should be achieved. In fact, on the album version of the song, John also sings "you can count me in"—because, he later said, "I wasn’t sure."

 Which version do you guys prefer?


Do you know what ACTA is? The radical infrastructure of resistance (comprised of Anonymous, the Occupy Movement and others) that has resisted SOPA and PIPA has another enemy, ACTA.

The very nature of this radical infrastructure of resistance requires people to be self-educated about these issues instead of relying on the corporate political propaganda that works toward hiding this suppressive legislation. Watch the video. BE educated about ACTA, SOPA and PIPA. We’ve only won one of several battles for control of the internet and ultimately the war for control of the internet is very much in its infancy. The internet must be a place of free exchange of ideas. We have to continue to resist ACTA and all legislation like it. Watch the video. Talk about it. Reblog and share.

"A co-option (also cooptation, co-optation, cooption) is an act of absorbing or assimilating. It is normally used in the context of a group of persons assimilating a weaker or smaller group, with the intention of neutralizing a threat from the weaker group. Verb forms include coopt and co-opt." Example: Supporters of Ron Paul, whether intentionally or not, are CO-OPTING the Occupy Wall Street movement, since they bring the debate back into the realm of traditional voting.

To all my beautiful revolutionaries and concerned citizens out there who (like us) couldn’t make it to Occupy Congress. It’s okay. Soak in the inspiration but remember, this isn’t the first huge march and it certainly won’t be the last. We’re in this for life. Be in this for life. We won’t stop until we have the new world that we know is possible. Never doubt our ability to affect change, to organize on a mass scale or to reach out and help the people of this world who are suffering. Get involved and never stop. Our inexhaustible dedication will be what makes the difference. And the next march, it’s OUR turn to show up and demonstrate.