We The People petition posted yesterday for solar-based energy farms in space
March 10, 2013

We mostly don’t post petitions because, you know, what’s the point?

In this case, I think it might help bring this potential energy source into the discourse about renewable energy and I think that’s a good thing. I think it could prompt a positive response from the White House, because it isn’t very controversial, liberals love “green” stuff and conservatives love space-stuff. And despite the fact that liberals & conservatives may like this, I think it’s probably a solution worth looking into (although I’m interested to read responses):

Task the Office of Science and Technology Policy to examine Space Solar Power as a new energy & space goal for the US.

New concepts make it possible for solar energy to be harvested in space and delivered 24/7 to markets in the US & globally. SPACE SOLAR POWER (SSP) could supply vast new energy while addressing climate concerns. SSP is now being pursued by other nations (e.g., China, Japan), and energy determines preeminence in space as on Earth.

But SSP falls between the charters of US technology & space agencies (DOE, DOD, NASA), so it’s “no one’s job.” These agencies have existing responsibilities & stakeholders; they are not looking for new goals.

Only the White House (OSTP) working with Congress can change the policy gridlock in the US and develop a plan to lead international R&D in this game-changing energy/space endeavor.

If you agree the US should lead R&D on SSP, please support this petition.

Source (The Petition) - it needs 100,000 signatures & as of right now it has 450.

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