The People’s Record documents the new North American Left!

We aim to create projects that combine technology, citizen journalism and the desire to create a culture that resists the destruction of capitalism. Here are a few that we are currently working on:

  1. We are building into what we hope will soon be an independent media collective of info-activists. We have the long-term objective of creating a network of devoted citizen-journalist writers, photographers, podcasters, social-media enthusiasts and videographers who can use this space to share on-the-ground reports from protests, independent investigations, and international, politically-conscious analysis of current events, presenting a broad-left perspective. 
  2. We are working on a phone application that will help keep activists linked up to each other, that will help organize events and that will ideally be a useful tool for movement building.
  3. We are traveling the country, conducting interviews and collecting content for an interactive ebook that will highlight this historic moment in the United States, of declining empire and increased resistance. We want to document the growing left and highlight the social currents in that left (i.e. struggles against police brutliaty, anti-corporatism, anti-imperial struggles, the growth of co-operative work places, etc). 

We successfully raised money through a Kickstarter (which you can click here to view and read) to afford the traveling portion of our project but can always use more funds to complete all of these projects and to create more, of a similar nature. You can find our donate button at the top of the front-page of our website.

Email us at to get in contact or get get involved with any of our projects, if you think we’d like to feature your organization on the blog, or if you have any suggestions for any of our current projects.