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If you are interested in improving your health and reaching your fitness goals, you may wish to consider having at least one piece of quality exercise equipment available for use at home, for example the Sole F85, Sole F80 or Sole F63 treadmill, in this mini review we take a closer look at these different models from Sole Fitness.

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Having your own fitness equipment ensures that you have a way to work out from home whenever you choose to, regardless of weather conditions. It also makes your day easier when you simply cannot find time to make it to the gym, but have a few minutes at home to devote to exercise. SOLE treadmills make a great choice for at home gym equipment that performs well and will last for many years to come. SOLE exercise equipment is designed to withstand rigorous use in a hotel environment, so it will definitely meet and surpass your needs for a piece of at home exercise equipment (ref. NASA).

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Here we take a closer look at three different models of SOLE treadmills.

The SOLE F85 Treadmill: Mini Review

Voted and reviewed as the “Best Folding Treadmill On The Planet” by the Treadmill Doctor (2014 version SOLE F85 Treadmill), this model offers users a top selling foldable treadmill that also features the highest horse power motor offered by SOLE.

sole f85 treadmill console

The F85 treadmill from SOLE **LNK** offers users a 22 inch wide platform for comfortable running, and supports users weighing up to 400 pounds (making it a great choice for heavy users). A simple press of a button will let you run at speeds as fast as 12mph. Choose from six auto programs, or customize two of your own workout options. The deck features Cushion Flex shock absorption as well as low noise. Comes with a Lifetime warranty on frame, motor, and deck, and 5 year warranty on electronic components.

The F85 SOLE also has two separate programs that monitor heart rate control.

When using the heart rate control option, your targeted heart rate is automatically calculated based upon your age. This means that you get the safest and most efficient workout for your age range.

The SOLE F85 treadmill has conveniently located controls for both speed and incline and features built in cooling fans to keep you comfortable during your workout. The 9 inch LCD console display is user friendly and continuously displays important information regarding your progress such as speed, incline, distance traveled, time, pulse, pace, and calories burned. Users can also listen to their favorite music while exercising using any MP3 player through the built in speakers located on the console.

sole f85 treadmill display

The F85 treadmill is 58 inches tall and 80 inches long and weighs 265 pounds. The folding desk design makes it perfect for smaller apartments or other small workout spaces. This product is durable and features a precision welded frame to accommodate users of various weights.

Originally selling for $2,999.99, this model is currently on sale at the SOLE website for $1,699.98.

The SOLE F80 Treadmill: Mini Review

Considered to be the best treadmill in its price range, the SOLE F80 Treadmill has earned this title from both actual consumers as well as several consumer resources and review sites.

sole f80 treadmill

It features the Cushion Flex Whisper Deck that provides up to a 40% reduction of impact compared to running on an asphalt surface. This model also features large precision sized rollers.This treadmill model performs like a commercial machine and comes backed with a lifetime warranty on the frame, motor, and deck. If you want to find out more specific details about this model you can so. There is a wealth of Sole F80 Treadmill reviews available online, for example these reviews of treadmills by Tom Ferguson from Treadmill Watch, and other reviews from Consumer Reports.

Electronic components are backed with a 5 year warranty.

sole f80 cardboard

Users can choose from a range of challenging speeds that go up to 12mph and select from fifteen different incline levels. The machine has important safety features, with the deck locking into place when not in use, making it 100% secure which prevents accidents, along with a large stop switch. Build your workouts around six pre-set programs, two heart rate programs, and two programs that are customizable. Speed and incline controls are located on the arm rest, along with a convenient cooling fan.

The console of the F80 features an easy to read 7.5 inch LCD display that shows speed, pulse, pace, distance traveled, time, incline, and number of calories burned. Users can also hook up their favorite MP3 playing device and listen to music through the console speakers.

sole f80 console

Like the F85 model (see above), the F80 weighs 265 pounds, is 58 inches tall, and 80 inches long. The F80 model will accommodate users weighing up to 375 pounds.

sole f80 belt

The SOLE F80 Treadmill was originally priced at $2,499.99, but is currently on sale through the SOLE Fitness website for $1,399.98.

The SOLE F63 Treadmill: Mini Review

If you are interested in the high performance and superb quality of SOLE treadmills but need to keep the price range under one $1,000, then you should read this mini-review, the SOLE F63 Treadmill might very well be an ideal model for you.

sole f63 treadmill

Originally priced at $1,699.99, this treadmill is now being offered at $899.98 on the SOLE website. At this price, this investment is a great way to help you achieve your personal health and fitness goals for the New Year. Rest assured that just because this model costs less than some others, you are still guaranteed the same quality features and performance you can expect from higher priced SOLE models. As mentioned above, you can find heaps of SOLE F63 Treadmill reviews online, such as this review by Steve Brown from also publish treadmill reviews on a regular basis

sole f63 warning

The F63 model has many of the same features as more expensive SOLE treadmills, including the choice of speeds up to 12mph, 15 difference incline levels, deck that locks into place when not in use, and a 6.5 inch LCD display (slightly smaller than on F85 and F80 models – see above) on the console that shows pulse, pace, distance traveled, calories burned, speed, incline, and time. Console has built in speakers that allow users to listen to their favorite MP3 tunes during their workout.

Pre-set programs on the machine include options for cardio training and fat burning. Arm rests contain controls for both incline and speed, as well as cooling fans that keep you comfortable while working out. The machine stands 58 inches tall and is 80 inches long, and can accommodate users of a weight up to 325 pounds.The F63 contains a 3.0 CHP, DC type motor and a 20 X 60 inch running surface.

sole f63 belt

The SOLE F63 Treadmill frame and motor come with a Lifetime warranty, while the deck and electronic aspects of the treadmill have a three year warranty.


No matter what your budget, there is probably a SOLE treadmill model to suit your specific needs (and your employer; UMN Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses Study finds using a treadmill while working can boost employee productivity).

Ideal as part of the home gym or as a stand alone piece of personal exercise equipment, treadmills such as the F85, F80 and F63 SOLE Treadmills make it possible to get a quality workout from the comfort of your own home. With these 3 mini-reviews hopefully you have a clearer picture of the different benefits and features of the SOLE F85 Treadmill, the SOLE F80 Treadmill and the SOLE F63 Treadmill, for more in-depth reviews we recommend google each product to find specific reviews.

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