Privacy Policy

This is the privacy policy that we currently use.

What bits of information do we collect?

We collect information from you whenever you fill out a form, subscribe to a newsletter, or use our site. However, you can always choose to anonymously visit us, but most of the information will be collected upon registering, things such as your name and email.

Use of this site constitutes your agreement to our Terms of Use.

The information collected from you via this site will be used in accordance with the privacy policy posted right here.

What do we use collected information for?

Anything we collect will only ever be used in one of the two following ways. We will either use it in order to personalize your user experience, or to enhance the services that we offer, as well as to help generate new ideas for services and products.

How is your information safeguarded?

We have a large deal of security measures and protocols in places. These help to ensure that not only is your information safe, but that it can be retrieved and changed only by those who have access to it. This goes for any information you access, submit, or enter onto our site.

Do we use any certain types of cookies?

No, we do not use any cookies on our site to track you, although third parties may.

Do we share information with outside parties?

We will never sell, transfer, trade or give information to any outside parties if that information is classified as personally identifiable. This does not mean, however, that trusted third parties do not get this. These trusted parties are vital to our site and are the ones who conduct our business, service you, and operate our site. They are completely confidential and do not share your information except to further your goals on the site. We do want you to know that if we believe we need to release your personal information in order to comply with the law, protect the rights of us or others, enforce policies of the site, or to keep property or safety in hand, we will at times need to do so. Other than this, only non-personally identifiable information will be provided to third parties.

Third party links

We may occasionally include certain products or services from third parties on our site. These parties have completely different and independent privacy policy measures in place. We do not have any control over them and do not claim responsibility or liability for things on these sites. However, we do welcome and feedback about these as it helps us to keep our site top notch for you.

DoubleClick DART Cookie

Since Google is a widely known third party vendor, they are one of those who use cookies to serve ads on our site. They use this cookie in order to serve ads to you and others based on the sites that you visit, as well as what you do on this site. If you do not want to have this happen, you can choose to opt out of it by visiting

Online Privacy Policy Only
As this an an online privacy policy, it only counts towards things that we collect on our site. Our policy does not hold true for anything not on our site, or on the Internet.

Terms and Conditions

Be sure to visit the Terms and Conditions section of our site. This helps to clear up anything regarding limitations of liability, use, disclaimers, and limitations that we have on our site. This section can also help to clarify any other language that is vague or not properly expressed on our site.

Your Consent

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Changes to our Privacy Policy

Any changes that we decide to make to this site will be posted on this page.

The last day we made changes to this was November of 2021